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Onsite Fundraising Program provides you the best Onsite Fundraising program which allows you to purchasing bears for your special functions.

We have many unique products for all occasions like birthdays, banquets, holidays, etc. In our onsite fundraising program named custom bear Fundraising program, we provides latest bear designs to our customers. We provide many choices to our customers who designs their own customs bears. Our customers choose and fabric and ribbon colors from over 200 fabric and ribbon colors . They also Decide which logo is embroidered on the chest, foot and/or back of their Custom Bears.

We have another one more onsite fundraising program named Brochure Order Taking Fundraising Program that provides a good choice both for Non-Profit group, non-profit organization and its supporters to raise money for school, church and sports team.

In Brochure Order Taking Fundraising Program We helps to you set your goals, timetables by the help of our excellent support staff. We are the leading fundraising industry, our fundraising tips and advice helps you to achieve your fundraising goals.

We do fundraising for all occasions. Our bears are of the highest quality, unique, and lastforever. We sell our Bear with the guarantee of 50% Net profit. We provides free shipping to our customer who give us an order of over 36 pieces. So we provide the best and easy onsite program to our customers.



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