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Pta Fund Raising

In addition to all of the time that is volunteered through the PTA fund raising, we also rely on financial contributions to pay for materials, field trips, supplemental staff, and much more. The success of our fund raising activities allows our fundraisers for non-profit organizations to support a wide range of activities and resources for the students, staff, and parents.  We encourage you to participate in these activities or to contribute funds directly to the treasury. Our site have on-site fundraising program which tells how you can help Pta fund raising team for arranging funds to school supplies. It all adds up onsite programs help pay for free school and family events, school supplies, and equipment.

According to the our online program, Our pta fund raising team register your major credit/debit cards at its online credit cards program(releasing shortly), then when you use a registered card at participating merchants, a percentage of your purchases is donated to PTA fun raising for school and church. You can register online at our website.

New Supporter Sign-up form from the PTA fund raising in the after filling the form and mail it in. Participating merchants are listed our the website and your donation to these merchants are also shown.



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